17 July 2017


International Scientific and Practical Conference "Modern Ways of Conserving Ecosystems in Exploration and Production of Hydrocarbon Raw Materials in the Water Area of the Seas" was held in the city of Temryuk, Krasnodar region, from 5 to 8 June, 2017. Fertoing was presented at the conference by the specialists of environmental monitoring department: the head of environmental impact assessment group (EIA) Natalia Zaytseva and environmental engineer Nadezhda Shvechkova.

The conference brought together environmentalists from state and private expert organizations, oil and gas companies. There were also specialists from Vietnam, Brazil and Norway. The event was organized by RN Exploration, Ltd. based on Priazovneft, Ltd., together with RN-Shelf-Arctic, Ltd. which are subsidiaries of PJSC NK Rosneft.

The conference discussed practical issues that environmentalists face when carrying out work on the environmental impact assessment in a particular project for extraction of hydrocarbons at sea. Among them are methods of assessing the state and pollution of the marine environment in the areas of exploration and development of oil and gas deposits, protection of flora and fauna, legal issues. In particular, Natalia Zaytseva, the head of environmental impact assessment group of the environmental monitoring department of Fertoing, delivered a report on the issues of standardizing environmental monitoring.

Fertoing Environmental monitoring department experts taking samples

As noted by Natalia Zaytseva, if environmental monitoring is necessary, a subsoil user faces the problem of the lack of requirements for the volumes controlled by the parameters, to the organization of the network of stations. The list of controlled substances must be determined using several normative documents, combining their requirements. That is why it is necessary to develop and approve a normative document that would be fixed in the normative and technical documents of federal level and display all the indices necessary for the study, not only for the oil and gas industry, but also for other industries with mandatory requirements for the marine areas.

Hydrochemicist engineer of EMD of Fertoing Aurelia Stulgayte taking sea water samples

The company Fertoing has considerable experience in inspection of the mouths of abandoned and suspended wells. Surveys include sea water, bottom sediment, gas fluid and hydrobiont sampling. This experience has shown the necessity of standardization: a single normative document in the field of environmental monitoring of oil and gas production facilities will allow to unify monitoring work, as well as improve the quality of monitoring.

Conference participants

Within the conference, Fertoing employees also visited Temryuk sturgeon fish farm and participated in environmental task force clearing Verbyannaya sand bar near Temryuk of garbage.