Vibrocorer GeoCorer 3000+6000+9000

GeoCorer system is designed for lifting soil samples from the undisturbed seabed. Core barrel penetrates without rotation (as in most systems) under the influence of uniaxial dynamic loads.

This helps to avoid core twisting. High core recovery percentage (90-100%) allows receiving accurate and complete picture of the lithological structure of study area section. Raised core will later become the base when selecting geotechnical development solutions. GeoCorer has a high penetration rate, average 2-3 minutes for 6-meter configuration and 5-6 minutes for 9 meters with 95% core recovery in typical sand-and-silty deposits. Experience has shown that under appropriate operating conditions, up to 15 cores can be raised during a 12-hour shift. 

Using GeoCorer 3000 + 6000 + 9000, it is possible to perform coring at the depths up to 150 m. For sampling at the depth range of 150 - 500 m, this device can be upgraded to the deep-water version with pressure compensation system. 

Thanks to powerful resonance suspension vibration motor of the system, not only a very high penetration rate can be achieved in the usual not consolidated deposits but coring can also be carried out successfully using vibration in coarse gravel deposits or partially cemented carbonate sands. Special construction for core tube extraction eliminates the risk of frame overturning and coring tube deformation during lifting from the seabed.

Main features:

Type Geo-Corer 3000+6000+9000
Manufacturer Geo-Resources Instruments
Max. air weight 1000 – 1200 kg depending on the balance weight
Max. sea water weight 850 – 1050 kg depending on the balance weight
Total height 10,4 m (core barrel 9 m)
7,4 m (core barrel 6 m)
4,5 m (core barrel 3 m)
 Base frame footprint Diameter 4,7 m (core barrel 6 m)
Diameter 3,26 m (core barrel 3 m)
Corrosion protection/ maintenance All the metal construction parts are hot dip galvanized
Vibromotor Electric dual vibrator (5,5 kVA)
Vibration frequency 28 Hz
Vibration force 30 kN
Balance load on the vibrohead Adjustable, 100 – 300 kg
Power supply

380 V A/C, 3-phase, 50 Hz
Starting power 16 А
Operation power 2 – 6 А depending on soil type

Electrical power cable Spooled on the cable drum made of stainless steel 316 with integrated connection cable.
Cable: 250 – 500 m long
12 wires 1 мм² each for power supply and operation.
Kevlar-reinforced, polyurethane-insulated
Internal diameter 16 mm.
Stainless steel core drum External dia 0,9 m, width 0,5 m, mounted on the steel A-frame (hot dip galvanized), with 4 drums for easy movement on the deck
Power supply block Robust housing made of high-modulus polyethylene protects the waterproof suspended power control unit which contains an ammeter, a fuse, power on and off buttons as well as green (On.) and red (Off.) LEDs.
Snap contact with automatic switch-off (with full penetration). Additional depth sensor.
Corer External/internal diameter: 113 mm/ 121mm (seamless construction made of stainless steel 316)
Length: 3 m, 6 m, 9 m.
Core cutter (stainless steel 316)
Removable cutting shoe (carbon steel)
Special back pressure valve
Corer swivel head
Coring tube Ext./int. diameter: 106 mm/ 110 mm, PVC or transparent PVC
Length: 9 m (corer 9 m)
Length: 6 m (corer 6 m)
Length: 3,0 m (corer 3 m)
Work depth 150 m for standard Geo-Corer version
500 m for compensated pressure version using 2 5-liter compressed air storages under pressure 200 bar
Requirements to lifting equipment Crane with min. loading capacity 5 tons or A-frame; non-twisting steel wire 12-14 mm in diameter, 19x7 type
Preset height under A-frame Min. 8,5 m (corer 6 m)
Min. 5,5 m (corer 3 m)
Preset on-deck space Min. length for placing corer horizontally before extracting core tube is 12 m.
Corer carriage A small carriage for moving corer and core when placing corer horizontally before extracting core tube