Geotest K-4 CPT

Set of this equipment is used for getting mechanical characteristics of the soil by field CPT according to GOST 19912-2012. The method consists in cone penetration into the soil under static pressure load for measurement of soil resistance to cone penetration. This equipment uses special electrostatic cones of the second type which give information about drag penetration, side friction, and cone deviation angle from the pressure axis. The method can be applied on the soils providing continuous cone penetration at a constant speed, including shallow water zone, with waving not more than 0.5 m. The set can also be applied for permafrost. This method can be used for quality control of ground bed filling. It is to be used only with light-duty units with penetration force up to 5 tons. 

A feature of CPT is that it is the only field method to obtain mechanical characteristics of dispersive soils. It is mandatory in exploration for pile structures and can also be used for quality control during drilling operations in order to clarify the boundaries of lithological section. In addition, this method can significantly reduce total duration of exploration by reducing the number of wells to be specified. 

Specialized press as well as rotary unit of various-type drilling rigs can be used as a squeezer providing sufficient pressure for well bottom.

Geotest K-4 allows recording data in increments of 2.5 cm and displaying online indication charts on the screen of a laptop right during the test in real time mode with constant updating.

The set has two independent recording devices with the possibility of power supply from 220V and 12V including automobile network. The recording unit (TEST-K4 controller) is designed for indication, saving and transferring cone sensing results to a PC for further processing. The controller is equipped with a USB interface for data transfer to PC and a USB connector for recording data on a USB flash-card.

It is listed in the Measuring equipment register of the Russian Federation and certified.

It is complete with a sampler for control sampling of undisturbed structure 36 mm in diameter.

Main features:

CPT Geotest К-4 
Cone type GOST19912–2012 II electrical
Cone basement diameter 35,7 mm
Point angle 60°
Friction sleeve diameter 35,7 mm
Friction sleeve length 310 mm
Friction sleeve square 350 cm² 
Soil resistivity measurement range on the cone (version 1) 0,2–50 MPa
Soil resistivity measurement range on the cone (version 2) 0,025–25 MPa
Soil resistivity measurement range on the friction sleeve (version 1) 0,6–571 kPa
Soil resistivity measurement range on the friction sleeve (version 2) 0,6–571 kPa
Soil resistivity basic error Not more than 5%
Inclination angle 1–20°
Soil temperature range -10...+10°С
Pore pressure range 5 – 2000 kPa
Supply voltage 11–18 V
Current supply 0,5 A
Operating mode retention time 2 min
Memory 32 kbyte
Result storage period 1 year
Work temperature range -20...+40°С
Dimensions 200x100x40 mm
Unit weight 0,5 kg
Outer diameter 45 mm
Sample diameter 36 mm
Sample height 100 mm
Sample volume 100 cm³
Weight 1,8 kg