The multibeam echosounder EM 2040 is an ideal tool for high resolution mapping and subsea inspection and can be mounted onto a 1500 msw-rated ROV. The system fulfils and even surpasses the IHO-S44 special order and LINZ specification.

Technical Specifications

Frequency range 200 to 400 kHz in steps of 10 kHz
Max ping rate 50 Hz
Swath coverage sector Up to 130º (single head )   200 º (dual head)
Sounding patterns Equiangular, equidistant and high density
Roll stabilized beams   +/-15°
Pitch stabilized beams  +/-10°
Beam width 1 * 1° at 400 kHz  
Depth resolution 1 cm
No. of soundings per ping:   400 (single head, single swath) 800 (single head, dual swath) 1600 (dual head, dual swath)
Pulse length: 25 ms to 12 ms

Coverage example for EM 2040C in cold ocean water with bottom type rock (BS = - 10 dB).

  Max depth Max coverage across
Frequency   Single head Dual head
200 kHz 490 m 525 m 625 m
300 kHz 450 m 525 m 625 m
400 kHz 265 m 250 m 350 m

A set of Kongsberg EM 2040C system is being currently used in the Arctic port of Sabetta.