The observation-class ROV Mojave is an effective tool for subsea tasks of different engineering complexity used in offshore strips and waters, rated to 1000 msw. This ROV is employed also for a wide range of inspections and surveys as well as for drill and diving support.

Mojave has the most powerful thruster system than all vehicles of his kind. Thank to 5 x SPE-75 DC thrusters, giving 26 kg vertical thrust, the ROV shows excellent station keeping in moving water.

Technical Specifications

Depth rating, msw 300, can be increased to 1000
Payload capacity, kg 10, can be increased to 16
Height, mm 500
Length, mm 1000
Width, mm 700
Weight in air, kg 80
Max. bollard Pull
Forward, kgf 62.5
Lateral, kgf 50
Vertical, kgf 26
Max. speed
Forward, m/s (kn) 0.75 (1,5)
Lateral, m/s (kn) 1.5 (3)
Vertical, m/s (kn) 1 (2)
Power 80 - 260V single phase domestic input, 50/60 Hz,
2.6 kW