TRITON XLX 150HP is a modern, powerful, universal and technically complex piece of equipment that allows performing tasks of different engineering complexity at depths up 3000 msw using hydraulic arms and a wide range of additional tools.


Technical Specifications

Depth rating, msw 3050
Weight in air (without additional equipment), T 4.8
Length incl. manipulator mount, mm 3,250
Width, mm 1,780
Height, mm 1,940
Forward/backward speed, knots 3+
Lateral speed, knots 2+
Vertical speed, knots 3+
Fore/aft bollard pull (BP), kg 1100
Lateral BP, kg 1100
Vertical lift BP, kg 900
Working load, kg 250
Turning rate, deg. per sec. 40
HPU power, HP 150
5-function PSSL TA60
7-function Schilling Titan 4 (100mm extend)