13 February 2017


On the eve of the fifth anniversary the Kronstadt Naval Museum and "Fertoing" together with the non-profit partnership "Divers Association" gives start to three competitions at once.

The contests are devoted to literary, artistic and photographic creative arts. Over the years, the Kronstadt Naval Museum has been contributing to organization of cultural and educational activities for children and the youth aimed to develop both creative skills as well as knowledge about the history of own country and naval affair. "Fertoing" is sponsoring the prize fund of the competitions.

Drawing and composition contests will take place in the same categories but with different age criteria - the compositions are accepted from participants between 6 and 18 years, and drawings - by children 3 - 17 years. The following topics:

  • «The sailors in the service of the Fatherland»;
  • «The first guns of Kronshlot» (300 years of the guns installed at Fort Kronshlot);
  • «Temples of Kronstadt» (200 years of consecration of the Cathedral of St. Andrew);
  • «Seamark service of Peter I» (310 years ago there appeared a seamark service on Kotlin Island).

Photo contest will take place with no age limit in nominations:
  • «The sailors in the service of the Fatherland»;
  • «Kronstadt people - people of a special alloy»;
  • «Kronstadt Temples»;
  • «Lighthouses, waterworks and fortifications of Kronstadt».

Reception of works for all competitions is open from 10th February to 18th April, summing up the results of the competition will be held in the period: from 18 April, 2017 to 3 May, 2017. The winners are determined by the jury formed of the organizers’ representatives.

The award ceremony will take place at the Kronstadt Naval Museum. Winners will be awarded with prizes, including cameras, computers and even quadrocopter; besides, all participants will receive a commemorative certificate. Regulations on the procedure of participation in the contests and requirements for the work you can find in the museum group in the social network «Vkontakte» in Document section