Baydaratskaya Bay

June-November 2012, during navigational period more than 20 employees of Fertoing provided integrated engineering support to construction of the “Gas pipeline system Bovanenkova-Ukhta, linear section 111.7-186.7km (underwater crossing of the Baydaratskaya Bay)”.

The works performed included:

  1. Installation of navigational and hydrographic equipment to the Client’s fleet;
  2. Preparatory and ancillary works including installation of GNSS base stations and automated hydrologic monitoring systems in the operational area;
  3. Preliminary, control and as-built bottom surveys,  search for boulder groups and industrial objects, quality control at every stage using single- and multibeam echosounders;
  4. As-built documentation generation in the company-developed software “Truboprovod”;
  5. Navigational support to the Client’s fleet using pre-installed navigational hydrographic equipment sets.

During shipping period Fertoing employees provided navigational support to 15 MSV and dredging vessels.

Hydrographic support was carried out with the help of 5 vessels, 3 of which were equipped with multibeam echosounders Kongsberg EM 3002.

In harsh environment of the Kara Sea the company employees triumphantly handled given tasks.