Sochi Olympic Facilities

Year after year, Fertoing continues building up its presence at the Black Sea coast of the Russian Federation. Indeed, constant engineering works started for us in 2009 – since the beginning of the active construction phase for the Olympics 2014.

In 2012 Fertoing has carried out vast engineering scope of work considering the Olympics marine facilities construction. Generally, in 2012 we provided 27 services as per different contracts including:

  • bottom survey for navigation safety;
  • ports and port stations navigational aids design;
  • control and inspecting survey, hydraulic facilities certification – in total 19 facilities;
  • hydraulic facilities repair design;
  • engineering and navigational hydrographic support to bottom dredging;
  • geodetic control and hydraulic facilities high altitude monitoring;
  • diving support to construction and assembly works;
  • navigational aids installation into port terminals;
  • marine engineering survey including sub-bottom profiling and magnetic survey;
  • diving inspection and harbor cleaning from debris that impede dredging.

Due to high quality, commitment to principles and operational efficiency the company remains one of the main contractors for the Olympics 2014 marine infrastructure construction.