January 2013, the Fertoing geological survey team started operations on assessment of quality and volumes of the aggregate quarry in the Baidaratskaya Bay, Kara Sea. These operations were carried out to estimate a possibility of using local materials during construction of the Bovanenkovo-Ukhta gas pipeline system underwater crossings that connects huge gas fields of the Yamal Peninsula with the unified Russia’s gas transportation system.

At the first stage, the specialists performed reconnaissance survey of the area for the upcoming geotechnical operations; measured the ice thickness and ridging, chose the optimal route for drilling equipment and all-terrain vehicles.

At the second stage, drilling equipment was mobilized to the worksite, drilling performed from the ice cover and soil samples were taken from different quarry layers.

During a month of drilling in harsh conditions of the Arctic winter, more than 40 drilling logs were made. The identified volumes of construction materials were included into the National Register (of mineral reserves).