At the year-end 2013, Fertoing significantly expanded the geography and scope of work in the field of engineering and environmental survey of the suspended and abandoned well mouths. These works are aimed at monitoring and environmental protection of the Russia's continental shelf vulnerable ecosystems.

During the year, an extensive range of activities was performed in the waters of the Baidaratskaya, Ob and Taz Bays of the Kara Sea, West Kamchatka license area, Kirinskoye and South Kirinskoye GCFs of the Okhotsk Sea.

Complex operations included visual inspection of the wellheads, bottom ground and water sampling using divers, or remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) in deeper areas, and gas sampling at showing locations.

Professional expertise and staff competence allowed to perform the full range of activities in due time and at a high technical level.

Fertoing once again proved its commitment to fulfilling complex engineering tasks in harsh marine conditions.