October 23 2013, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin started the gas flow at the Russia's first subsea production system of the Kirinskoye GCF, this becoming a new era in the development of the Russian continental shelf.

During Kirinskoye GCF construction, Fertoing performed navigational and hydrographic operations and provided subsea engineering support for all offshore installations of subsea structures, their connection and pipe laying. The year 2013 is not an exception.

Numerous engineering missions were completed using remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). The number of ROV dives exceeded 400, the longest of which took more than 342 hours.

The drilling rigs were set up at the drilling points, further subsea technical support provided for the entire period of operating wells construction.

Taking into consideration complexity of engineering works, their exceptional challenges and adverse weather conditions, Fertoing honorably fulfilled the tasks deserving fair reviews of our Customers.