In 2013, the Gazprom group started massive exploration drilling at the South Kirinskoye GCF. Subarctic location of the field, short navigation period (max. 6 months) and depth of platform installation of more than 190 meters influenced the operations drastically.

Work was carried out using a drilling rig of the latest (6th) generation SSDR Northern Light and a South Korean drilling rig Doo Sung.

Navigational and hydrographic support during rigs set up at the drilling points was performed by Fertoing.  Drilling monitoring, performed by Fertoing onboard SSDR Northern Light, was conducted using a remotely operated vehicle of the work class Comanche (ROV). This ROV is unique and reliable equipment for subsea operations, drilling intervention and monitoring.

Most notably, May to November 2013, during the main period of the drilling operations, drilling monitoring was carried out 24/7. The ROV was recovered onboard not more than once a week and only for maintenance.

Throughout the season, the Fertoing team of experts addressed challenges professionally and thoroughly finding best solutions and helping to fulfill the drilling plan in due time.