From 2012 onwards, technical support to subsea drilling at the Kirinskoye GCF and rigs set up at the drilling points are carried out by Fertoing.

Drilling operations onboard the SSDR (semi-submersible drilling rig) are monitored with the work-class remotely operated vehicle Triton XLX 150HP (WROV) second season in a row.

Despite complicated geological conditions of well construction, ROV team pilots, navigators, hydrologists and surveyors of Fertoing, as well as the rig crew, courageously coped with all the tasks showing their expertise and competence, even in most difficult situations.

We are confident that the performed complex of marine engineering works will provide a solid basis for further long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation and partnership with Gazflot that carries out construction of production wells at the Kirinskoye GCF.