Subsea metrology

Metrology – receiving quantitative information about properties of an object to the specified precision and accuracy.

At the moment, our survey team carries out the following types of work:

  • Subsea metrology of SPU, pipelines, hydraulic facilities, structural damage estimation. Our subsea metrology method is based on automatic dimensional model generation from a set of images which is one of the most complicated application of photogrammetry nowadays. The main advantage of the method is millimeter and submillimeter accuracy and reliability.
  • Spool, hydraulic facility dimension control survey, spool design and drawing verification. Upon receiving data we process it and deliver geometric dimensions with relative coordinates.
  • Motion sensors, positioning systems, subsea positioning and sonar systems reference to vessel coordinates.

Kirinskoye GCF Metrology

July-October 2012, Fertoing carried out subsea metrology of 4 tie-in spools of the Kirinskoye GCF SPU, Sakhalin-3, in collaboration with Parker Maritime.

All works were performed from the MSV Normand Clough using the ROV Triton. Video recording was carried out with a subsea metrology camera mounted onto the ROV.

In August-September 2012, Fertoing produced and verified spool drawings according to metrology data, supervised spool assembly and carried out metrology of the manufactured items.